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Volume 4 teaches the Bil Jee form, which is meant to extend one's abilities into long-bridge theory and practice. Volumes 1-3 focused on developing power through the elbow. With long-bridge, power comes from the shoulders. This directly translates into medium-to-long-range techniques and fighting drills.

• 3rd Form

- Emphasis on triangle horse, generating power in the punch with hand extended

- General Theory

- Inch Punch

- Basic exercises on Fingers

- Elbow training

- Using the shoulder for leverage

• Pak Sau

- Pak Sau, going back exercises

- Close up Pak Sau

- Pak Sau Lop Sau on the Elbow

- Guan Sau Pak Sau against hooks and uppercuts

• Work against the Jab

- Timing hit back exercise

- Counter hit back

- Cover when fake

• Work against the Side Kick

- Kwun Gurk exercise

• Work against Roundhouse Kick

- Guan Sau Side Knee

- Guan Sau Kick Back

- Kwun Sau with knee up to cover follow up by pull and kick

- Tan Sau with knee up to cover follow up by Pak Sau

• 2nd Low Kick from the back leg

- Work on the tire with the back leg

- Work on the tire with the front and back kick exercise

- How to use the technique for defense

- How to use the technique for the follow up

- How to adjust the movement with the timing for the attack

• Exercise

- Chase with the front low kick exercise on each other

- Guan Sau elbow Guan Sau

• Circle Training

- Side Kick and Front Snap Kick

- Hooks and Uppercuts

- Jab

- Roundhouse Kick with Gaun Sau kick back and Kwan Sau Tan Sau

Video Length: ~82min

4 - 3rd Form, Fighting Drills Wing Chun Kicks