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Volume 4 teaches the Bil Jee form, which is meant to extend one's abilities into long-bridge theory and practice. Volumes 1-3 focused on developing power through the elbow. With long-bridge, power comes from the shoulders. This directly translates into medium-to-long-range techniques and fighting drills.

• 3rd Form

- Emphasis on triangle horse, generating power in the punch with hand extended

- General Theory

- Inch Punch

- Basic exercises on Fingers

- Elbow training

- Using the shoulder for leverage

• Pak Sau

- Pak Sau, going back exercises

- Close up Pak Sau

- Pak Sau Lop Sau on the Elbow

- Guan Sau Pak Sau against hooks and uppercuts

• Work against the Jab

- Timing hit back exercise

- Counter hit back

- Cover when fake

• Work against the Side Kick

- Kwun Gurk exercise

• Work against Roundhouse Kick

- Guan Sau Side Knee

- Guan Sau Kick Back

- Kwun Sau with knee up to cover follow up by pull and kick

- Tan Sau with knee up to cover follow up by Pak Sau

• 2nd Low Kick from the back leg

- Work on the tire with the back leg

- Work on the tire with the front and back kick exercise

- How to use the technique for defense

- How to use the technique for the follow up

- How to adjust the movement with the timing for the attack

• Exercise

- Chase with the front low kick exercise on each other

- Guan Sau elbow Guan Sau

• Circle Training

- Side Kick and Front Snap Kick

- Hooks and Uppercuts

- Jab

- Roundhouse Kick with Gaun Sau kick back and Kwan Sau Tan Sau

Video Length: ~82min

4 - 3rd Form, Fighting Drills Wing Chun Kicks

  • Originally recorded in the early 90s and initially available only on VHS, this title was later digitized for sale on DVD and is now only available via digital download

    Chapter markers have now been inserted to improve playback experience. We recommend using VLC Media Player or Media Player Classic to take advantage of this.

  • After your purchase, please allow up to 24 hours for your personalized copy of this video to be prepared for download. A link, good for 1 week, will be provided via email. Due to the size of the file, you MUST download using a computer if you would like to import it onto your phone.

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