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Volume 1 is the perfect introduction to Applied Wing Chun. It has all the primary principles, primary hands, includes the Sil Lim Tau, Lop Sau, and both single and double sticking hands. Typically, even talented students would need at least a month of daily training with hands-on instruction to achieve modest proficiency in all of these. It is therefore also an excellent reference even if you are already taking classes.

• Sil Lim Tau (First Form) with various uses.

• Theories

- Simultaneous Attack and Defense

- Centerline and Advancement

- Covering vs. Blocking

• How to develop and use Power, Body Weight, and Impact

• Horse - How to Use it, Turn it and Common Mistakes

• Drills with Correct Elbow Position and Energy

• Single Hand Chi Sau

- Lop Sau

- Tan Sau

- Kwan Sau

• Two Hand Chi Sau Techniques, Counter Techniques, and Common Mistakes

• Self Defense Techniques

Video Length: 80 minutes

1 - Basic Theories of WCKF

  • Originally recorded in the early 90s and initially available only on VHS, this title was later digitized for sale on DVD and is now only available via digital download

    Chapter markers have now been inserted to improve playback experience. We recommend using VLC Media Player or Media Player Classic to take advantage of this.

  • After your purchase, please allow up to 24 hours for your personalized copy of this video to be prepared for download. A link, good for 1 week, will be provided via email. Due to the size of the file, you MUST download using a computer if you would like to import it onto your phone.

    PLEASE NOTE : Your copy is watermarked with your name and therefore individualized exclusively to YOU ALONE for private use. As such, please take care that this video not be made available for further sale or distribution or you may be held liable for copyright claim damages.


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