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Why The New Site ?

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Back when Sifu Duncan Leung first made his videos for sale, the only distribution method was via VHS tapes that were available via mail order in NTSC as well as PAL/SECAM formats. It was difficult to produce, cumbersome to ship and frustrating for the consumer to use.

Once the DVD format became more popular, we switched over and while that helped mitigate some of those problems, discs still had issues of their own. At the same time, over the years, our previous payments processor that had served us well, CCNow, was eventually bought up by an Icelandic company called Snorasson Holdings and though we dutifully kept producing and selling DVDs to avid consumers, Snorasson failed to pay us any of the money from those sales for well over a year.

Still, times have moved on, with fewer and fewer people even having access to DVD players and so we decided to shut the site down and revamp everything for digital distribution.

Today, we are happy to once again offer all of the original videos for sale as digital downloads. And while it wasn't possible to upscale the original material to modern-day standards, we have inserted chapter markers that you can now use to skip conveniently to the section of your choice.

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