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One of Grandmaster Yip Man's earliest students, Sifu Duncan Leung was brought to him by classmate and friend Bruce Lee in 1955. 

Yip Man taught that techniques were nothing unless you could use them. They had to be able to be applied -- and thus Applied Wing Chun was born.

Over the decades, Sifu Leung's single-minded, no-nonsense focus on the effective use of Wing Chun in real fights has taken him from the rooftops of Hong Kong, to the streets of 70s New York, to customized hand-to-hand combat classes for the US Military and law enforcement.


Though retired from the business world, Sifu Leung continues to teach, bringing Wing Chun back to its roots in China.

Many of the same training techniques and wisdom that Sifu Duncan has taught for over 60 years are presented here as conveniently chapterized digital downloads.

While no video course can ever replace personal instruction, 

this series is an invaluable reference that will benefit student and teacher alike

for years to come.

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