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Volume 3 takes Volume 2 to the next level, demonstrating the Chum Kiu form and covering techniques that are even more effective, yet require even greater mastery due to level of body coordination involved to maximize efficiency. Even more fighting drills are added, as well as a demonstration of how to train those drills in the Circle.

• 2nd Form

- Emphasis on Footwork and Mobility

• Lop Sau: Third Level

- Regular Lop Sau, Turn to Tan Sau then Pak Sau

- Against the regular Lop Sau and Changing Sides

- Against Advanced Lop Sau

- Close up Lop Sau and Lop Sau and Gum Sau Drill

• Chi Sau: Third Level

- Against Fok Sau

- Make opponent Huen Sau

- Exchanging Hands

• Fighting Drills - 2nd Level

- Gaun Sau and Gaun Sau Uppercut

- Jam Punch with Kwun Sau

- Cover with Kwun Sau and Guan Sau

- Timing Drills

- Gum Sau for Front Snap Kick

- Pak Sau Pak Sau inside and outside (both hands)

- Kick the Shield with the Hip

- Lead leg kicking with long pole and tire

- Counter Punch with low lead leg kick

- Kicking up and down exercise

- Chase and Kick

- Work on Timing - when fake a punch, use Kwun Sau

• Circle Training

- Single Punch - Low kick and hit back

- Two Punches - Use Pak Sau Pak Sau

- Gum sau against Front Snap Kick

- Pak Sau against Low Punch

- Guan Sau and Gum Sau against Side Kick

- Hooks and Uppercuts

Video Length: ~82 min


3 - 2nd Form, 3rd Level Chi Sau Lop Sau, Fighting Drills